About me

    At the age of 14, I was trying to figure out how one could create and design 3D  graphics. Or to be able to navigate through a “Digital World”. I asked my IT teacher if he knew anything to guide me. The next day I remember having a cd in my hand to install the 3DS max 5 on my computer.

    In the province I grew up in, there was no one to answer questions or help me, but at that time internet access was very limited so i felt like a monkey.

After graduating from High School, I wanted to pursue it, so I looked to see where I could develop and study 3d Animation.

While searching I fell over to IIEK AKMI, where after two years of study I completed my specialty of Animation Technician and 3D  Graphic Designer. Along with the registration, I was given  and a second specialty in the same direction, so I chose Computer Applications Technician (Multimedia / Web designer-Developer / Video games) as a second course.

I’ am passionate designer and web developer. I love to be a part of a team and develop new ideas that could change the perspective of how we see and interact things.



High school Gratuate

2010 - 2012

3D animation and Motion Graphics

Institute of Vocational Training AKMI

Design for advertising images, cartoon sketches and multimedia display

3D animation and Cartoon film making

3D modeling and texturing

Basic animation

Graphic design techniques for packaging, packaging, advertising listings


Digital image production and editing

Graphic design for print (Brochures, flyers, banners etc)

Audio and music editing

Basic techniques of directing, setting up a scene lighting, camera

2012 - 2013

Computer Applications Technician (Multimedia / Web designer-Developer / Video games)

Institute of Vocational Training AKMI





UI + UX design

CMS’s (WordPress,Joomla, Drupal)

Google Analytics

Google Adwords



Video production and editing

3ds Max

Z Brush

After Effects


Graphic design



In Design

Front end, back end design and development

Html 5

Css 3

Php 7



Visual Studio Code


WordPress - Joomla - Drupal


Google analytics

Google Ads