The Consept

Virtual Guard® High intelligent monitoring solutions

       Due to the different logic from the usual security services and systems, I had to give the impression at first glance that what would follow would not be something out of the ordinary.  So i imagined a real world environment that is guarded and supervised by an virtual unseen guards.

I had to give the idea that there is someone that can watch and silently follow you if you try to enter the perimises of the protected area. 


     The intro

I used pure after effects for programming the digits, in order to fade in, fade out. The numbers change their value based on time event. On the top is laying the company logo.

     The facility

  I was searching for industrial facilities to inspire me. I used this one as a core plan floor and then i add a few extra objects to my inspiration.

     The 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1

Here the main goal was to show how this Security Service can scan your facility and become a taylor made solution.  

As a first step i rendered the main material of the scene, the second step was to apply the digits textures to objects-models, then i animate the texture in order to create the number drop effect. At the end i rendered with the same camera from the first step then i made the export with Alpha Chanel in order to keep the transparency. Then i added each render to different layers, the top layer include the digits and the low layer had the clear objects with an 0.5 opacity to create the transparency. Lastly i add the lens color edge effect from Ae to give a better glow effect on digits.

     The intrusion

  I animated the blue shape of my model in order to mask it with the digits.

Crated the background with Photoshop.

The other elements



480 hrs

Poly Count

Polys: 78.747






Mental Ray